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Our Company

Why buy hops from Yakima Classic Premium Hops, Inc.?


1) Quality


 Our Farm partners have been growers of quality Yakima Valley hops for generations in some cases over 100 years. All the hops we provide have been processed and bagged in the Yakima Valley and stored in a climate controlled environment. The next time the bag is opened is when the customer receives it and inspects the product. No distributor or middlemen re-bagging means the freshest hops you can get. Brewing beer with our hops gives you the chance to brew the best beer possible for your customers.


2) Certifications you can trust


   All our hops come with a certificate of analysis from a Yakima Valley Inspection company who tests the product. You will not get a certificate from a broker selling product on the market.

3) Availability


   We have access to large volumes of hops and many varietals so YCPH is your one stop shop for your hops needs.

4) Price


   You will always receive a reasonable price for #1 quality hops.


5) Service 


  We are easily accessible with one call or email and will reply quickly. YCPH will help ease your importing of hops by ensuring all the paperwork has been completed per your country’s requirements. Looking for a wide variety of hops types? We can consolidate this type of order on a pallet for you. Need a hop variety that’s hard to find? Leave it to us and we’ll track down most varietals for you, regardless of the country of origin.

Yakima Valley

The Yakima Valley is located in Washington State in the northwestern United States. As of 2016 Yakima grows more hops than any other place in the world passing Germany. The wide variety of hops grown in the valley can satisfy the requirements of any brew master worldwide. .

Our Farm

The basis of our slogan, “Great beer starts with premium hops” originates with the hop farms in Yakima Valley. All our hops come from the farms that have been growing in some cases for over 100 years. These family businesses have been dedicated to producing the finest hops in the world and accept only the best crop each year for processing into pellets. Once processed our hops are stored in climate controlled environments and shipped to you sealed in foil bags for the freshest possible product you can get for the beginning of your beer products. YCPH each fall operates tours of the farms at harvesting which is an unbelievable experience for you beer lovers. Come and see where it all originates and experience hops down at the field level to really gain an understanding of how to judge hops like a pro. Enjoy the images of the farms below and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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